Playing Catch Up

Well… my plants have not died yet!!! So we are crusing along.. The avocado plant even has new growth.
We did start a pineapple plant in water. (Started on Wednesday, January 22)

I am totally thrown off on my days since the kids had a snow day, then I had to have meetings at the college on Saturday…

Here are a few recipes we tried this week. Nothing was bad… but with a family of 5, it is hard to please everyone… so I am saving recipes to create a scrapbook/album with recipes that all 5 of us liked.

I roasted my first chicken.. Two actually… Was a very basic rub. hardest part was zesting the lemons and oranges. Served with corn, salad, and stuffing from the box.


We also made Pork Chops a couscous. This was a our first experience with couscous, and we liked it. I was really ghetto and bought the boxed couscous – Parmesan flavored. Everyone voted that they did not like the raw green onions.. but wanted more cherries next time. Ooh ya.. since it was out of season for cherries I grabbed two bags from the raisins sections.. they were already chopped and pitted.. Lazy girl I am. Pork Chops are orgasmic on the bone, I used a previously made rub from an old recipe. Could not remember what was in it.. but I had made double a batch once. Sorry.




I tried to make crispy edamame for John (husband)… something for him to munch on at work. It was an epic Pinterest fail. put too many on the pan… they did not crisp up, and with the busy life of a basketball mom.. I had to run to practice, and did not want to leave the oven on… Maybe you will have better luck.


We also made pork burgers… Hawaiian style. I liked these alot, but Hunter (oldest son) said they left an after taste… please keep in mind that he ate the leftovers too. you can’t go wrong when it comes to grilling pineapple though. I did drizzle with honey before throwing them on the grill. (We used a fresh pineapple)


My FAVE recipe so far this week was the sausage pasta from the ALL You magazine. I ripped out the page of one I had on stash and made it. The funny part was shopping for broccoli rabe at HEB (local grocery store) No one knew what I was talking about. Geesh, doesn’t everyone that works with food watch Food Network!!
We had to substitute frozen spinach.



I am addicting to Pinterest, and most of these were found through there. I was trying to search for cheap family meals.. or meals on a budget. But most of those are a family of 4… and I have 5 people, so sometimes I have to double the recipes.

Visit Jenny’s profile on Pinterest.

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Black thumb… We shall see

Thomas has been working on an avocado plant for awhile. We pitted two avocados and put them in water. It took a couple months and sprouted a good size plant. We had to finally plant it in its own pot…

The only other plant we have not killed is my “mother in law tongue”. Ironically my mother in law gave me a third plant.. So we merged them into one pot. Hopefully I do not kill that either.




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Recipe for week one.

Well I used the Ree Drummond cookbook and made the muffins last week. John liked them, but
Hunter thought they wet wierd. I prefer less steps in muffins but I enjoyed them.

Need to decide what recipe number 2 will be.





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Sam’s Club 20 meals for $5

I am trying this grocery list this week..

I adapted some since I have 4 adults eating plus a child that eats like an adult… and we did like $230 at HEB. I did have a few extra things too.. like spices and milk/juices and etc. etc.

What we did not like is the double recipes… so I only did 1 of each.

I tossed out the ranchero chicken, meatballs, and breakfast dish.. and one taco (replaced with burritos on the second one) We did a day of ramen, a day of mac cheese and hot dogs.. and a day of pancakes from the bisquick I have already.

I love the idea, but I need someone to put it together for me.. I know lazy ass.. but it is more that I have yet to master the bulk buying..  I buy for each meal and that gets $$$    I will let you know how it goes.

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Sun catchers

Well we were a little crafty over the past two days, and made sun catchers.

You take the clear pony beads, and melt them in a cake pan or muffin tin.
John tied them together today… Patience of a saint that man has so sometimes..

Here is the link I followed for directions… Found on Pinterest.






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New Year – New Goal

Have a new years goal.. not really a resolution, I don’t think…
But I want to do something like that Julia Childs movie… but I do not want to get all frenchie. Since my family is more country than anything else.. I was looking at Paula Deen or Ree Drummond.

We just decided on The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond .. I am working out of her cookbook: The Pioneer woman cooks.

We are trying to save money for our spring break vacation…

So.. the new goal is eating in more than eating out.
And I am going to cook out of this cookbook for 1 – 2 meals a week.

Stay tuned…

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Starting over

It is the first of May, 2012 and I am trying again to conquer this blog thing…..  All is going well in the rescue and with work.  My kids are becoming pre-teens… God help me!!!  So thankful for my supportive husband willing to follow me everywhere.   I am taking a break from the doctoral work… need inspiration to type and read… but all I want to do is save a dog’s life.   Going to hit it again in September.

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